Boa constrictors seized from Perth home: customs

Boa constrictors seized in Perth. Picture: Australian Customs and Border Protection ServiceTwo boa constrictors have been seized from a house in Perth after allegedly being smuggled into Australia from the Solomon Islands.Customs and Border Protection officials seized the juvenile snakes following a tip-off from a member of the public last month.The reptiles were allegedly discovered during an ongoing investigation by Customs and Boarder Protection, the West Australian Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and WA police.On July 30 investigators executed a customs search warrant on an address at Quinns Rocks in Perth.As well as the two boa constrictors, they also allegedly found two knob-tailed geckos and two bearded dragons.Two homes and a business in Cairns were also searched as part of the investigation, and two corn snakes were also allegedly discovered on August 7. In a statement released today, Customs and Border Protection spokesman Richard Janeczko said the two boa constrictors were believed to have been posted to Western Australia from Queensland, and that they may have originated from the Solomon Islands.He said smuggling reptiles into foreign states caused a major risk to the natural habitat and was a serious crime. “Customs and Border Protection continues to prevent, investigate and prosecute wildlife smuggling attempts into and out of Australia in a bid to end this cruel practice,” Mr Janeczko said. “This illegal trade not only endangers the animals involved and is a risk to our environment, but also involves the possibility of transferring diseases from these animals to our native species.” Investigations are continuing into a possible reptile smuggling ring.
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